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Kristia Wildflower is an entertainer and educator with an awesome imagination! Her energy and enthusiasm is captivating and contagious. She can step onto a stage or into your living room with equal ease. Kristia constructs quality costumes to create colorful characters and combines them with an animated and dramatic style. Legends about life, love and laughter. Stories full of values and vision, for a variety of venues.

The message of Kristia's programs may vary from multiculturalism, to the environment, self-esteem. There is, however, a common thread which ties the stories, songs, slides and costumes together. It is sown in the seeds of the magic of flowers. The world of flowers offers many lessons: the beauty of diversity, the challenges of growth, the value of sunshine and the gifts of nature. Kristia will go beyond the simple scientific identity, opening up the flower's personality. Then sharing the secrets and wisdom held within through theatrics and interaction.

Kristine as a photog
Kristine's creativity is contagious. One look at her exquisite photography shows the depth of her soul.
-Gloria Hays
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