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Allow me to introduce myselves, I'm Kristia Wildflower, storyteller, elf, gypsy and clown. I am known by a dozen aliases. WildFlower Productions is my business name, this does makes sense (in my world)! The characters I play, and I mean play, are flowers or plants. For example there is Cowslip the clown, Cosmos the Little Green Alien, Gypsy Rosa, and Ivy the English Elf to name a few. Some of them are wildflowers others are simply wild or whimsical in their persona.
I'm often asked how do you keep them all straight and what goes on in your mind, why do you have so many characters? Well, I am somewhat, compulsive. Three decades of working in theater has taught me to pay attention to details.
Kristine's Costume ShopMany hours of research goes into character development, costumes, and program content. That's the production part. Only my accents are not authentic, they are simply fun! Why so many? It's the voices, in my head, they won't stop! Some people say I suffer from multiple personality disorder, not true. I enjoy every minute of it!
Though it's not easy, I do enjoy my work. I love to make others happy.
Consider one of Kristine's WildFlower Characters.

Email: kristine@aboutwildflower.com

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