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Telegram Services

Holiday Greetings, Birthday, Retirement, Anniversary, New Baby,Wedding, House Warming, Get Lost or Get Well Wishes... Looking for a unique way to celebrate someone special?
How about a Telegram by Kristia Wildflower?
Shiraz the Winer
is full bodied & well aged. She has a dry wit & wisdom to quench your thirst and deliver the goods.
Pepper the Pirate
"Pepper the perky Pirate is perfect for a hot & spicy telegram. She will bring her booty of treasure to share with your Captain or mate!"
Ivy the Elegant English Elf : offers Elf Express all year, not just for Christmas.
Cosmos the Little Green Alien may be just the thing to send to your spacey friend.
Gypsy Rosa will satisfy that secret desire to have a palm read and may cause some red faces as well. Gypsy Rosa thumb
Medusa the Snaky Seductress gets men stoned in a totally legal manner.
Witch Hazel
the Crone has been over the hill and now want to sit a spell.
Witch Hazel thumb
The Fairy Godmother is a bubbly flutter brain who wants to make wishes come true.

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