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Selected Stories
A Storyteller needs a pocket full of stories. WildFlower Productions has deep pockets just filled with tales for your next party or promotion. Here are the titles of just some of her stories that Kristia uses to Entertain and Educate.
General Flower Collection;

    Miss Lilly
    The Tulip Bed
    Lilly of the Valley
    The Honest Farmer
    Room for Everyone
    The Mulla’s Garden
    The Retired Farmer
    Someone Sees You
    Capture of Summer
    The Hedley Kow
    The Thistle
    Pablo’s Poppies
    The Green Man
    The Buckwheat
    The Flower Children
    Mr. Butterfly
    Flower of Sheba
    The Golden Rod
    Balder & the Mistletoe
    Pot of Rosemary
    The Wreaths of Wisdom

Tales of the Trees;

    Women of the Birch
    The Pine and the Gourd
    Wonderful Pear Tree
    Fig Tree Gardener
    The Honest Woodsman
    The Acorn Tree
    Basket of Friendship
    People Who Hug Trees

Apple Tales;

    Conceited Apple Branch
    Cider Apples
    Three Golden Apples
    The Nisse
    Apple Tree Christmas

Rose Legends;

    The Rose Prince
    The Gypsies Rose
    Rose and Nightingale
    The Christmas Rose

Sun Stories;

    Gift of the Sun
    The Sunflower
    Fisherman & His Wife
    The Crow and the Sun
    The Sun Shade

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