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Everyone enjoyed your program a lot, even the 80 some year olds! It's rare when an entertainer can please people of all ages, and you certainly did that! I can't help but think that the stories you told and the gentle advice you gave in each one gave all of those present something to seriously consider in our own lives. Thank you so much for enriching us in a fun way! Be assured, we will hire you again!
Jan Jacobs
ComeUnity Comm.

Kristine gave our Synagogue an enriching program. She was sensitive, well prepared and knowledgeable. Her multicultural depth is refreshing.
Dr. Robert & Atty. Maureen Freedland

Beautiful. Marvelous... Words just can't say enough about your enormous contribution to the Visit with St. Nicholas. I am glad you were able to help us this year. Your decorations and performance were enjoyed by all, it was a pleasure to see.
Patti Glaser-Martin,
Public Relations,
St. Nicholas Hospital

Kristine's unique and well-tailored presentations inspired some of my students to want to know more about plants, and others to think more deeply about diversity in their school and community. She presented a 40 minute slide show interspersed with poetry, aphorisms, and commentary on how diversity within the plant kingdom is both a model and source of inspiration for people seeking to live humanely with each other.
Christopher Pinkowski
Oregon High School

Kristine brings energy, enthusiasm, and excellence to her performances, which are replete with story-telling, dance, creative costumes of the first order, and most importantly, Kristine's obvious joy in sharing with others a variety of content in a most creative way.
Robert Malouf

We recently had Kristine Wildflower (in her persona as Gypsy Rosa...) as a part of our wedding celebration. It was wonderful. Gypsy Rosa is a one of a kind character She captured our guests with her great imagination, energy costume and unique character. She can make you laugh and set your mind's eye free.
Carolyn and Walter Craft

Kristine's creativity is contagious. One look at her exquisite photography shows the depth of her soul. She cares about the planet, the children, the future. That is plain to see.
Gloria Hays

At the Baha'i House of Worship
...We find that her selection of narrative material as well as her colorful representation of it captures the fancy of both child and adult. She presents, in creative and child accessible ways, concepts which are significant for human beings of any age to address, illustrating them with examples from plant life...
Dorita Fuller, Coordinator of Programs and Activities, Baha'i House of Worship

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