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Lilly the Green Woman
Together we will examine the ancient relationship between females, flora & fertility.
Pepper the Pirate
Explore the Mysteries of the Caribbean with Pepper the Pirate.
Shiraz the Grape Stomper
is full bodied & well aged. She has a dry wit & wisdom to quench your thirst for knowledge about wine.
Say "Cheese Head": Whether you're a Packer fan, country fan or a little cowpoke you'll find Cowslip the Clown is udderly unique in her whey! A Wiscowsin original.
Cowslip thumb
Applebell thumb
If you want to appeal to kids try Applebell the Imp. "A is for apple, B is for bell, I have a bushel of stories to tell." The lessons she shares stem from fables, facts, and folktales of this fascinating fruit.
Fairy Godmother
Bring the best of childhood together for fun & fantasy with the Fairy Godmother. She's a little bit clown, a little bit fairy, a little bit crazy!
Fairy Godmother thumb
RoseHips thumb
Looking for a festive, fun, flirtatious and fruity character? Consider the kinda Caribbean Carnival Clown, RoseHips.
Gypsy Rosa
Rosa has wandered the world wide to collect cultural legends celebrating the lore and love of roses. All will be entwined by this colorful fun & flamboyant character who will share insights on the ways of the Rom, or Gypsy people.
Rosa thumb
Ivy the Elf thumb
Ivy the Elf
Will entwine you with her tales. Yule learn about evergreens, holly, ivy and mistletoe from Nordic and Greek mythology as well as Christian legends. Kristia has fifteen years experience as a seasonal elf.

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