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Where have all the flowers gone, and fairies and fantasy and fun? At WildFlower Productions they are alive and well, and ready to delight you. I feel make believe, dress up and listening to stories are elements of childhood that are vanishing too quickly today! Whether your fantasy is one of enchantment or the old west, I can help your dreams come true.

Ask about a party plan that's suited for you!
Email Kristine at: "kristine@aboutwildflower.com"

Herbology 101; taught by Witch Hazel, wild, weird and wise woman. Potter and his friends would enjoy this spellbinding storyteller and sage.
Thyme for Rosemary: History is full of herbal folk cures and concoctions. Lady Rosemary of Olde England brings these wondrous remedies of peasants, kings and queens to life in legends and lore.
Fairy Godmother thumb

Do You Believe in Fairies? Invite the comical Fairy Godmother to enter the magical land of make believe! Five fanciful flower costumes are available for young party guest to wear for a small additional fee.
Apples Across America: with Applebell the Imp. This could be as easy apple pie or a trip to a local orchard. Deliciously sweet! It is appealing to young children. A good pick for the holidays.
Appelbell thumb
Ivy the Elf thumb
Ivy the English Elf is elegant. Yule be entwined with her tales in The Folklore of Festive Flora. A holiday theme overgrown with mythology that will give you something to mull over.
Rays of Our Lives: presented by the Ms. Melody Sunflower. The bubbly and sunny southern belle. Suitable for garden parties. Bubbles included with this and several other outdoor party plans.

A Sunny Day in the USA: is another summer library favorite as seen through the eyes of Ms. Sunflower

Ms. Melody Sunflower thumb
Cowslip thumb
Say "Cheese" Head: Whether you real Packer fan, country fan, or a little Cowpoke you'll find Cowslip the Clown is udderly unique in her whey! A Wiscowsin original.
Wisconsin Wildflowers or Weeds? Plants and people are given many labels; native. indigenous, alien, transplant or extinct. This program looks at our roots and our need to appreciate diversity. A perennial favorite.
There are no hothouse blossoms that can compare in beauty and fragrance with my bouquet of wild flowers
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The ABC's of Inner Growth: Celebrate the diversity of plants and people growing in this global garden. Are you an agreeable angelica, bold bramble or creative clover? Participants may unearth hidden attributes.
Kristine's songs, stories, dances and costumes create a wonderland in which the participants learn botany as well as the reverence for life and human diversity. Her presentation is truly a wonderful gift of love which should not be missed. Leonard L. Weldon, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Marquette University
Patience is a flower that grows not in everyone's garden.
Old Proverb
The Global Garden: Flowers come in all colors, shapes, sizes and constitutions. Just like people. Whether one of the numerous natives or rare exotics each has a niche in the garden of humanity. Ethnic artifacts and folktales enhance this program

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