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Fairies & Elves

Lilly the Green Woman
Together we will examine the ancient relationship between females, flora & fertility.
The Green Faerie
This special adult program digs in to explore the roots of green medicine, brews, teas & herbs.
Adult Education
Patti O'Clover

Going Green Patti O' Clover will bring luck for sure as this leperchaun leads you to a rainbow of diversity. She'll share her pot o'gold and teach the meaning and magic of the shamroc and other Irish blarney.

Patti O'Clover thumb
Eartha thumb
Eartha the Elf
The earth is more than a piece of turf, it's our home. Join Eartha the Elf and her merry band of little earthkeepers, who plant the planet. Share in her respect for the earth and all it's inhabitants, the worlds citizens.
Fairy Godmother
Bring the best of childhood together for fun & fantasy with the Fairy Godmother. She's a little bit clown, a little bit fairy, a little bit crazy!
Fairy Godmother thumb
Ivy the Elf thumb Ivy the Elf
Will entwine you with her tales. Yule learn about evergreens, holly, ivy and mistletoe from Nordic and Greek mythology as well as Christian legends. Kristia has fifteen years experience as a seasonal elf.

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