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Pepper the Pirate
Explore the Mysteries of the Caribbean with Pepper the Pirate.
Witch Hazel
Herbology 101; taught by Witch Hazel, wild, weird and wise woman. Potter and his friends would enjoy this spellbinding storyteller and sage.
Witch Hazel thumb
Applebell thumb
If you want to appeal to kids try Applebell the Imp. "A is for apple, B is for bell, I have a bushel of stories to tell." The lessons she shares stem from fables, facts, and folktales of this fascinating fruit.
The invasion of the little green aliens: You've seen them in the novelty catalogs by the ship load! Invite Cosmos to join you for a party that's out of this world!
Cosmos thumb
Cowslip thumb
Say "Cheese Head": Whether you're a Packer fan, country fan or a little cowpoke you'll find Cowslip the Clown is udderly unique in her whey! A Wiscowsin original.
Try a Teddy Bear Tea for the cute and cuddly crowd, with Razzberry the Clown. For a bolder gang ask about the Awesome Amphibians & Radical Reptiles parties. Razzberry also has special programs suited for Christmas or Halloween parties.
Razzberry thumb
Ms. Melody Sunflower thumb
Ms. Melody Sunflower
You can hear the rhythm in music, learn to see the rhythm in people and plants. Ms. Melody Sunflower will shed some light about the important role of sunshine for all living things and our circadian rhythm.

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