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A Little Bit About Kristia
Kristia Wildflower has been engaged in storytelling since 1990. However her roots in the arts reach deep into her childhood. The 60's motto "Flower Power" was reality for Kristia as a teen, who was drawn to greenhouses and flower shops. She spent many peaceful hours becoming a self-taught student of floral arts horticulture and diversity. Kristia's home as a child, was a portrait studio. Here she would delightfully sneak a peek to observe her father photograph an assortment of colorful entertainers. It was in the eighties Kristia turned her focus to flora photography, which she now features in illuminating slide programs. Her life long love affair with dance began in 1958 when she first stepped her tiny foot in a dance studio. She has studied, performed and taught a number of diverse techniques since then. In 1983 Kristia left Milwaukee to live in rural Sheboygan county, where she became immersed in her wondrous study of wildflowers. The surrounding area offered both an excellent selection of libraries and plant habitat for Ms. Wildflower to peruse. Kristia began sewing in the 60's and with her involvement in theater in the 70's blossomed into a skilled costume designer. Over the past twenty years she has created literally hundreds of quality constructed garments for stage and street. In the 90's Ms. Wildflower became active with children's theater both designing costumes and playfully acting. For 15 years the she has hosted and coordinated a folk concert series. This has allowed Kristia to study a great variety of talented singer/song writers and storytellers in an intimate format. Ms. Wildflower spent the 80's as an activist and speaker for the earth and equality. Kristia combined and cultivated her love of theater music, costumes, dance, books, plants, people, and her commitment to the earth to create an excitingly unique storytelling experience for you!

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